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Let's dive into the perfect dance class for every level, accompanied by the mindset that'll fuel your journey.

Every dance journey is unique depending on your goals — whether it's for sheer enjoyment or a full-time pursuit. No judgment here; we're here to guide you towards living your best dance life.

 Type 1  New to Dance


If you're dancing for fun and fitness, with 0-2 years of experience, these classes are perfect for you:

Beginner & Foundation Classes

Go full out, break a sweat, and make new friends along the way. Embrace the joy of movement and the thrill of discovering new ways to move.

 Type 2 Party dancer 


For those aiming to outshine the average dancer at parties without delving too deep, these classes are your best fit:

Beginner & Intermediate Classes

Be kind to yourself and recognize that what you're doing is already impressive and places you in the top 90% of the general population. Cultivate self-compassion and discover the confidence within to shine on the dance floor.

 Type 3 Cool Dancer


For those who have danced for 1-3 years and seek challenges in different styles, you may currently be one of the two:


1. You find yourself very challenged in some classes

2. You feel like these classes are not as hard as you thought

We recommend these classes: Intermediate & Open/Advanced Classes

1. You are now in the category of 5% of people in the world who can pick up a full choreography, remember it (well partially maybe) and dance it right on the spot - that is impressive! If you just walk on the street and ask around, most people struggle with a basic two step!


2. First of all good on you for that self love! Now we need to implement more self awareness and evaluate ourselves based on your goal. Are you simply dancing for fun? Then boom, keep doing exactly what you are doing. Are you dancing to focus on improving? Then there is likely a million things you could do better. Ask your teachers for feedback after class as they can guide you on this journey to understanding what you need to do to keep the challenge aspect of dance and improve!

 Type 4 Dance Influencer


If your goal is to build your social profile, grow a following through your dance videos.

Then any of the classes can be good for you depending on your level of dance abilities 

You don’t need mindsets for these you need strategies to help you grow your plateform which you can find some answers online.

 Type 5 Dream Chaser


If you aspire to dance professionally, Dance full time, striving to be one of the leading figures in the dance community.

We recommend these classes:

Open Classes & Foundation Classes

Commit to excellence. Each class is a step toward your professional dance journey. Practice outside the studio is non-negotiable if you are serious about pursuing dance full time.

While not easy, pursuing a dance career is rewarding if it aligns with your passion.

Hope this helps you on this journey to dance and we look forward to being apart of it! Shoot us message on Instagram or email for any questions :)

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