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I am a professional dancer and creator located in Sydney Australia and I am currently running my own dance studio - 2020 Movement Nation.

I truly believe in blockchain technology and have always contemplated about what I can do to contribute to this transition.


I came across the idea of NFTs a couple months ago and have continued to study and watch this space grow. I believe that this is the biggest opportunity yet for us artists and creators to leave a mark in the digital world.


My goal with my NFT art is to showcase historical moments through movement and dance. Also to make some cool motion arts. I want to set an example for many young, aspiring dancers and creators to go after their dreams, and to not be held back by their limiting beliefs and fears.


Creative dance shoot

Choreography video


Commercial work with Lane Crawford

Professional Dance NFT

Professional dance NFTs through story telling and creative edits to document a certain moment in history.

NFT Art Team

Bringing together a talented group of individuals to produce uniquely designed NFT Art

Motion Captured 

3D Animated NFT

Capturing data through 3D track suits to generate and create my own movement and choreography that can be put on any online avatars.


Opportunity of a  Lifetime 1/1 Unique Dance NFT

This idea can be viewed in many ways, in todays context, it represents the life time opportunity of NFTs and crypto currency. 

Link: HusfirsteverNFT

All funding will contribute towards investing in a mocap suit.

First buyer: Will receive a 3D motion captured dance onto the character/avatar of their choice. The buyer must have the rights of ownership and commercial usage, and provide a 3D rigged model of the character. The dance will be catered to the design of the avatar and it will length between 10-20 seconds.


I am a big fan of utility based NFT's so you won't just be buying a video file, you will also receive special benefits that can only be gained through purchasing and supporting the art.

Any holders will be able to contribute and share ideas and insights towards my future NFT creations.

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